Language Arts



English Department Mission Statement

The members of the Patriot High School English department, professionals with a variety of academic backgrounds, personal philosophies, and teaching styles, unite to provide a curriculum which strives to develop for each student a foundation in the language arts.

The English Department’s mission is to seek first to understand and to appreciate the diverse backgrounds of our peers and students within our community of learners and ensure our students have multiple opportunities to appreciate the diverse society in which we live.

Recognizing that English language skills are the core of the student's educational program, the English department seeks to develop each student's ability as reader, writer, thinker, speaker, and leader. It is our mission to create a 21st century learning environment that provides students with valuable communication and critical thinking skills, and practical applications in order to become successful members of a global society.

English Department Office Hours

Students are encouraged to meet with their teacher to schedule a time to meet after school.  You can view your teacher's established office hours onhis or her school webpage.


CollegeBoard for Students
Website to help you prepare for SAT, AP, and college

Diagram Your Sentences
This site will diagram your sentences for you. It helps with diagnosing the parts of the sentence!

Everything Shakespeare
Website contains a plethora of resources and all Shakespeare's plays and sonnets

Free Rice
Expand your vocabulary and end hunger at the same time!

Free downloadable audio versions of the classics.

Sentence Diagrammer
You may need to install their program before you can use it. It is FREE!!!

The Purdue Owl MLA Citation Site
This site provides you with the most up-to-date MLA citation information for any type of citation you need. If you go to the bottom of the page, you can click on the link to "Print A Copy". The manual is 52 pages (26 if back-to-back), but it is well worth having. This is an invaluable resource for kids doing any type of research.

Virtual Salt
Website for literary terms and literature resources--go to the section "Articles About Literature"