Special Education and Exceptional Students
Welcome to the Special Education web page. The special education staff is here to answer any questions you may have about the placement of your child in the special education program at Patriot High School.

Special Education Mission Statement
1.   Progress is a result of learning
2.   All students are capable of progress
In the inclusive environment of the 21st century world, the special education department at Patriot High School will:
1.   Facilitate student progress by providing an inclusive, collaborative and student-centered educational environment.
2.   Enable students to demonstrate leadership by providing them with opportunities to build relationships with peers and staff as they move towards mastery of their respective goals.
All students will move towards empowerment and self-efficacy in order to meet the new and unknown post-secondary challenges of tomorrow.

 ADHD Resource.doc
Attach please find a resource for students identified with ADHD.
ESY document attached
Attached please find Prince William County's Graduation Requirements.
 Parents Guide to Special Education.pdf
Attached please find a parents guide to special education.
 Parents' Guide to Special Education Dispute Resolution.pdf
VDOE dispute resolution procedures attached
Attached please find the SAT parental consent form.
 Your Family's Special Education Rights.pdf
Attached are parents rights dated 2012

Administration for Children and Families
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has several programs that address the individuals' special needs.
LD Online
This website has valuable information about learning disabilities and ADHD.
National Center for Learning Disabilities
This website is a resource for parents to learn more about learning disabilities.
Prince William County School's Office of Special Education
This link takes you directly to Prince William County School's Office of Special Education Home Page.
Project Graduation
This link provides remedial instruction and assessment opportunities for students at risk of not meeting the commonwealth’s diploma requirements.
SAT online registration
Students with disabilities can apply for accommodations through the College Board. Please find the form above that requires parents to complete and sign before the special education staff can request accommodations.
School and Family Education
Resource for parents that includes homework help, skill-building tips in every school subject, printable educational information and worksheets
Special Education Advisory Committee
This link takes you directly to Prince William County School's Special Education Advisory Council offered through the Office of Special Education.
Students with Disabilities Preparing for Postsecondary Education: Know Your Rights and Responsibilities
This is a publication by the Office for Civil Rights found on the US Department of Education website.
Virginia Board for People with Disabilities
This website contains important information for persons with disabilities.
Virginia College Quest
This website is a guide to college success for students with disabilities
Virginia Department of Education
This link takes you directly to the Virginia Department of Education Website.