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Interact Club

Instructor: Mrs. Bell

Interact is Rotary International’s service club for young people ages 12 to 18. Interact clubs are sponsored by individual Rotary clubs, which provide support and guidance, but they are self-governing and self-supporting.

Each year, Interact clubs complete at least two community service projects, one of which furthers international understanding and goodwill. Through these efforts, Interactors develop a network of friendships with local and overseas clubs and learn the importance of:

  • Developing leadership skills and personal integrity
  • Demonstrating helpfulness and respect for others
  • Understanding the value of individual responsibility and hard work
  • Advancing international understanding and goodwill

As one of the most significant and fastest-growing programs of Rotary service, with more than 33,000 clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical areas, Interact has become a worldwide phenomenon. Almost 340,000 young people are involved in Interact world wide.


Autism Facts

Autism Fact 20

The puzzle pattern on the Autism ribbon reflects the mystery and complexity of autism. The different colors and shapes represent the diversity of people and families living with this disorder. The brightness of the ribbon signals hope, hope through research and in the increasing awareness of people like you.

Autism Fact 19

Autism affects one in every 42 boys.

Autism Fact 18

Boys are nearly five times more likely than girls to have autism.

Autism Fact 17

Autism affects 1 in every 69 students at Patriot High School.

Autism Fact 16

Autism affects 1 in every 68 children nationally.

Autism Fact 15

Harvard researchers estimate that the added costs of autism-related healthcare and education average more than $17,000 per child per year in the United States.

Autism Fact 14

Autism appears within the first three years of life.

Autism Fact 13

More children will be diagnosed with autism this year than with Aids, Diabetes, and cancer combined.

Autism Fact 12

There are dozens of treatments for Autism, but no cure!

Autism Fact 11

Autism causes individuals to experience the world differently from the way most other individuals do. They may be different but not less.

Autism Fact 10

Some people have had concerns that autism might be linked to the vaccines children receive, but studies have shown that there is no link between receiving vaccines and developing autism.

Autism Fact 9

There is no blood test, no scan, and no image that can detect autism. Diagnosis relies on behavioral observation and screening.

Autism Fact 8

Many people with autism spectrum disorders are successful living and working and are contributing to the well-being of others in their community.

Autism Fact 7

Many people with autism are extremely good at memorizing facts and information.

Autism Fact 6

Individuals with autism may react to what’s going on around them in unusual ways. Normal sounds may really bother someone with autism so much that the person covers his or her ears. Being touched even in a gentle way may feel uncomfortable.

Autism Fact 5

Autism can cause individuals to act in unusual ways:

  1. Avoid eye contact
  2. Want to be alone
  3. Repeat words or phrases over and over
  4. Rock their bodies, spin, or flap their hands.
Autism Fact 4

Scholars and parents debate whether Autism is a disability or whether it should be considered merely a different kind of ability.

Autism Fact 3

Asperger syndrome is an Autism Spectrum Disorder considered to be on the “high functioning” end of the spectrum.

Autism Fact 2

Behaviors associated with Asperger’s syndrome include: limited or inappropriate social interactions, robotic or repetitive speech, tendency to discuss self rather than others, lack of eye contact, one-sided conversations, and awkward mannerisms.

Autism Fact 1

Asperger’s is an Autism Spectrum disorder. Most people with Asperger’s are of average or above average intelligence. There are many famous people with Asperger’s such as the creator of Pokemon, James Durbin- a finalist on American Idol and portrayed on TV such as Sheldon form the Big Bang Theory.