Attendance Procedures

For the 2022-23 school year, we are not using the email address that was used in previous years.  Please use this form to excuse tardies/absences, as well as request early dismissals.

Excused absences include:  illness of the student, medical appointments, court (subpoena or summons must be presented to school), religious observance, death in the immediate family,
visiting a sick relative in the hospital, college visits (only for seniors), and administration approved pre-arranged absences.

Unexcused absences include oversleeping, car problems, missing the bus, finishing homework or project, vacation/out of town, and no utility service.


Excused tardies include all items listed above for excused absences, emergency situations arising from unusual weather conditions, and late buses.

Unexcused tardies include oversleeping, broken alarm clock, missed bus/ride, car trouble, and traffic.

Excessive tardies may result in an administrator referral, loss of par
king pass, or further disciplinary actions.

Five tardies to school results in morning detention and warning for loss of parking pass.

10 tardies to school results in loss of parking pass for 10 days.

15 tardies to school results in loss of parking privileges for 30 days AND tardy probation (five additional tardies to school will result in immediate loss of parking privileges for the remainder of the grading period). 


Questions? Please email our attendance secretary Ms. Diana Mandujano at

Regulation 724-1, Attendance, Absences, Excuses, and Tardies