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* Bad news can be hard to avoid at the moment, and that is why it is increasingly important for teens to focus on positive coping skills. This article Resilient Teens Coping with COVID-19 through Connection and Creativity discusses the importance of the three C's: core values, creativity, and connection.

* Here are some basic self-care strategies to help teens cope during COVID-19, brought to you by Mental Health First Aid USA.

* It can be unsettling to look at your investments during a time of global crisis, especially if you or someone in your family is heading off to college in the near future. Virginia 529 offers advice on what investors should do in times of market uncertainty.

* Many of us rely on technology these days as a path to education, employment, communication, and entertainment. This article, Three Tips for Mental Health During COVID-19 and Zoom addresses the pros and cons of our increased connectivity and discusses how technology can be a source of healing or stress.

* The US Department of Education offers information on how financial aid works, from finding the best fit for your needs to repaying your loans after graduation.

* 5 Things You Need to Know About the Common Ap is a good read for students who are starting to apply to college.

* Are you college bound and investigating what you might like to study after high school? The
Princeton Review offers insight about how to select a college major with this guide.

* Selecting a college can be an overwhelming process. Does the school offer a major that interests you? Do you want a large school or small one? Is the big city for you or a small town? The list of questions goes on and on. CollegeBoard offers this interactive Step-By-Step College Search that can help you zero in on educational options that best fit your interests.

* This site is an informative resource for Spanish speakers who are researching colleges and preparing for the admission process.