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New Student Webinar

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are parking spaces and where are they located?
Student parking passes may be purchased for $100.  The fee may be paid online with Rycor, check, or cash. Student parking spaces are in the lots around the stadium.

Any word when bus schedules will be emailed to families?
Bus schedules should be visible in ParentVue and StudentVue.  You should navigate to the bottom of the student info page and click on additional information.

Will there be activity buses for after school activities?
There are no activity buses available.

Can you explain what FLEX periods are?
The purpose of flex is to provide students an opportunity for enrichment or remediation activities

How many times do students get to retake formative/summative assessments?
Teachers will be sharing the retake procedures on their syllabus and on their Canvas page. Those procedures vary by content area and grade level.

What is the school district code on “Here Comes The Bus”?
This free and secure service is available to PWCS parents and students by link from the My PWCS mobile app, as a stand-alone app, or from the web. Your choice of push-notifications or emails will alert you when the bus gets close by. Enter school code 76348 during sign-up and have your student ID number(s) ready.

Is there a list of school supplies on the PTHS website?
We have a general supply list on the PTHS website, but teachers will have specific items identified in their syllabus.

How do I activate my StudentVue account?
Directions are posted here: https://www.pwcs.edu/about_us/the_hub/student_v_u_e_information/index

Are students able to obtain a locker?
Yes, a student can request a locker from Mr. Murphy, the School Security Officer, and it will be assigned.

Are there PE uniforms for students?
Yes, the HPE teachers will be providing that information to students in the first week.

What needs to be done if we need to pick-up a student early for a medical appt, etc?
You can send an email patriotattendance@pwcs.edu, call ahead, or come in and allow us to call your student down.  For more information regarding attendance, please visit the Patriot High School website.

When will clubs start for the students?
Sponsors will post and announce interest meetings, etc., in the Fall.

Is there a place for sports equipment? For example, golf clubs?
Yes, each morning the Team Room in the PE Dept will be opened and then locked once classes begin.

What is the secondary scanning process if the EVOLVE systems alerts?
We will be sending out more information about the process over the next month prior to the EVOLV system being active.

Are parking permits required for students?
Student drivers must have a permit to park on campus.

If a student wants to make a change to their schedule how is this done?
Students will have opportunities on the first and second day of school to address wrong classes.  We are no longer accepting changes to elective classes.

We live within walking distance of the school but a bus was assigned to my child. Does he have to ride the bus or is he able to walk one day and ride another?
Your child is able to walk.  If there is ever an issue in which your child forgets bus information, please ask them to see an administrator for support.

When/Where are athletic schedules posted?
Information is updated throughout the year.  Please visit patriotpioneers.org for information.

Does each class have a student council (i.e. run for class offices)?
Yes. Freshman class will have elections soon.