Michael E. Bishop, Ed.D., Principal


Student Leadership Pledge 2019-20

School’s Motto


To be a leader is not to have people follow you. It is accountability and responsibility to those who choose to follow you and support the decisions you make. Leadership is an ability to lead skillfully and thoughtfully. To follow someone in their leadership capacity is to respect their decisions and their innate abilities as a leader.


To be a person of honor, upholding your beliefs when others may doubt you and to staying true to your values. Integrity consists of your moral compass.


To always do what is right, even when no one else is looking.


To show pride is not to revel in one’s own accomplishments, but to stand with your team, your peers, your school, your family, and your community as you struggle with adversity, cheer with excitement, and help each other.

From Patriot HS Student Handbook (


Students are responsible for neither giving nor receiving assistance, written, oral or otherwise, in any assignment to be graded as the work of a single individual. Students are responsible for giving due recognition of sources from which material is quoted, summarized, or paraphrased. This includes persons who have provided assistance.

    1st offense:   Parent notification, academic restoration opportunity, assigned detention

2nd offense: Parent notification, academic restoration opportunity, possible discipline

Examples of behavior that constitute cheating include but are not limited to: copying another student’s work, allowing another student to copy your work, communicate about a test during or after test is taken, accessing material which would assist in completing the assessment, plagiarizing, using an electronic device during an exam, taking pictures of assessments, or air-dropping information via electronic device, etc. Students caught cheating will receive a discipline referral and may receive a zero on the assignment.

Code of Behavior (COB)

I know how to access the COB online at I am aware that I should follow the High School Code of Expectations found in the COB. I know that if I see something, I should say something and that I should use technology and social media appropriately at school and at home.

On my honor, I pledge as a Patriot High School student, I will strive to uphold the characteristics of a successful student. I will demonstrate and respect leadership, show integrity in my decisions, work to make my character reputable, and take pride in my own accomplishments.


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