Grading and Assessment Parent Guide

Grading and Assessment Practices

This information is intended for Parents/Guardians at Patriot High School.

Standards Based

Standard-this word refers to any competency, state standard, learning objective, or other related course skill necessary to demonstrate proficiency in a course.

Standards Based Assessments

Formative Assessments: assessment for learning

  • Assess levels of student understanding and progress towards the standard
  • Allow students an opportunity for feedback on learning
  • Guide teacher instruction
  • Are not the final assessments of a standard
  • Account for less than 20 percent of a quarterly grade

Summative Assessments: an assessment of learning

  • Evaluate student learning of standards after instruction
  • Are distributed in the gradebook according to skill or standard
  • Account for more than 80 percent of a quarterly grade

Standards Based Education at Patriot High School

  • Standards Based Education is a systematic approach to improving instruction and learning
  • Teachers evaluate student mastery in a number of standards
  • Grades clearly articulate a student's academic progress
    • Focuses on targeted learning goals
    • Allows for more frequent and effective feedback
  • All graded work will be identified as either formative or summative
  • Assessments of multiple standards will be broken up into multiple categories to communicate mastery of each standard
  • Students will be provided multiple opportunities to demonstrate mastery of each standard
  • Behavior and work habits will not be factored into academic grades

Retaking Assessments

  • Students will be granted the opportunity to retake designated assessments
  • Each subject will communicate procedures and expectations for assessment retakes
  • Retake procedures will be outlined on the class webpage and the course syllabus
  • Students will need to follow the procedures and fulfill the expectations of the course to be eligible for a retake