Parking Information

2023-24 Student Parking at Patriot High School

Only licensed drivers are eligible to receive a parking pass. You must bring the completed parking application to Mr. Murphy in Security to receive a parking pass. The student parking pass fee is $100 and can be paid by cash, check, or electronically, For electronic payment, you must create an account first. Be sure to print out your receipt and attach it to the application if paying electronically. Parking passes will go on sale beginning on Monday, August 7, 2023, and will be announced on the Patriot website. Parking passes may also be purchased throughout the school year. For seniors, the parking pass fee is reduced to $50 if purchased after the first semester. If a parking pass is purchased after spring break, the parking pass will be valid for the next upcoming year.

Listed below are the requirements to drive and park your vehicle at Patriot High School:

  • Drivers must be fully licensed and possess insurance to purchase a permit.
  • Drivers and passengers who arrive after the tardy bell must enter school the main entrance and check in with Attendance. Failure to do so may result in a revocation of parking privileges.
  • Students must purchase and display a parking hangtag by obtaining and completing the Student Parking Application. Vehicles not displaying valid hangtags will be subject to being towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Students may not return to their vehicles for any reason unless permission has been granted by security staff or an administrator.
  • Any student leaving the school property in their vehicle without signing out will lose privileges to park on the lot for a specified period to be determined by the principal or his designee.
  • Students reported and confirmed to be driving in a reckless manner while traveling to or from school will be subject to a loss of driving privileges.
  • Students that drive on school property must use caution and obey posted signs. Students that drive recklessly or fail to obey traffic rules may lose parking privileges or be referred to the Prince William County Police.
  • All vehicles are subject to search if there is reasonable suspicion that drugs, alcohol, weapons, stolen property, or other contraband may be present.
  • Students will lose their parking pass and permission to park on school property if the hangtag is copied, sold, or transferred to another student.
  • Security must be notified immediately if a substitute vehicle is driven.
  • Lost hangtags shall be reported to security and a new hangtag will be issued for a $5 replacement fee.
  • Students may only park in those spots designated as student parking. Violators may be warned, disciplined, or possibly towed. A parking map is visible on the webpage.
  • Student drivers who are tardy to school will receive the following consequences:
    • 5 tardies to school: Morning detention and warning for loss of parking pass
    • 10 tardies to school: Loss of parking pass for 10 days
    • 15 tardies to school: Loss of parking privileges for 30 days AND tardy probation (5 additional tardies to school will result in immediate loss of parking privileges for remainder of grading period)