Prince William County Public Schools has made some adjustments to the 2020-2021 school year due to COVID-19. Please consult our PWCS Return to Learn FAQ webpage for more detailed information.

  • PWCS will utilize the Canvas learning platform for virtual and hybrid instruction.
  • The amended annual calendar for PWCS is now available.
  • Testing requirement changes are undetermined at this time.

2021 NOTE:
If you or your student(s) need to contact a counselor, please do so via email. Counselors' email can be accessed by selecting the "Staff" link on the left hand side of this page. You may also find answers to your questions by visiting the Counseling "Information" page, or by calling 703.594.3628 to speak with a member of our support staff.

As we welcome some of our students back to campus, please note that counselors will be available by  Zoom for non-emergency appointments (made by emailing the counselor) for our in-person and our virtual learners. In an emergency situation, students in the building who are in crisis may report to the counseling lobby to obtain help.

For all students and parents, please note that counselors will be meeting with students virtually for 2021-22 class scheduling until  Spring Break. Please allow extra time for them to respond to emails.

PWCS cares deeply about students’ emotional well-being during their time away from school. Please visit the Student Services website for multiple resources. If a student is in need of emotional support during this time, please feel free to send an e-mail to  A school mental health or health professional will answer and offer virtual support to students to the best of their ability.  This e-mail is not to be used for emergency situations as it will not be monitored 24 hours a day.  If a student is ever in an emergency situation he/she is encouraged to call 911 or utilize one of the resources listed below:


Emergency Resources:

ACTS Helpline                                               703.368.4141

1.800.SUICIDE (24-hour hotline)               1.800.784.2433

Crisis Text Hotline (24-hour hotline)         741741   

PWC Child Protective Services Hotline     703.792.4200

PWC Community Services Board              703.792.7800

Counseling Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Patriot High School Professional School Counseling Program is to assist every student regardless of race, religion, gender, or beliefs in reaching his or her personal, academic, and career goals through a comprehensive counseling program. The counselors are committed to embracing diversity and including current programming that elevates the achievement of every student in a 21st century learning environment.  School counselors will work collaboratively to facilitate student leadership development and decision-making skills, and to support the development of strong character traits, focusing on skills and self-understanding that are important during and after high school.