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  • Social Media Awareness Week

    March 20 - 24 will be Social Media Awareness Week at Patriot High School. Each day we will be focusing on different ways we can practice being mindful about our phone useage.


    • Mindful Monday - Be mindful of your comments, words, and actions both online and in person with peers and teachers. Students will be asked to sign a pledge for the week that promotes productive and positive use of social media.


    •  Try it Tuesdays - Put down your phone, meet someone new, engage in a conversation, try to compliment a peer. There will be conversation tents posted to each table in the Commons that encourages students to start a conversation with a peer without using social media.


    • What Defines You Wednesday - Students will be provided with name tags to denote what defines them other than social media and wear them throughout the day.  


    • Think it Through Thursday - Think before you post anything on social media. Students will be encouraged to think about what they post and how those actions could harm other students, and wear white for the day. 


    • Phone Down Friday – Pledge to put your phone down or away for the day. Try to talk with others in the lunchroom or in the halls. No “phone zombies.”